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This Roof was replaced (fully stripped with all new shingles installed) in just a few hours in the Month of December 2017 (Insurance Claim Project) handled by NEPSG, LLC.  Let us help you with your Property Damage as we can help with any Insurance Claim Project you may have! 


We are here to help with all  of your roofing needs, so if you have a roof that needs a replacement (full strip and new shingles installed) or a layover (cover over existing shingles), please allow us to be of service to you and provide you with a Free & No Obligation Estimate.  

The property above is located in Rhode Island and starting in November 2017, we successfully worked with the Property Owner and the Insurance Claim they filed with Liberty Mutual Insurance and we were able to provide a very detailed estimate for not only a Full Roof replacement (stripping and laying new shingles), but for a Full Attic Remediation of Mold Damage!  This roof was completely stripped and new shingles installed in a half day and we can have most roofs fully replaced (including replacing plywood) in less than 1 day! 

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